How many is a lesson?

Here’s a weird question. I’ve been reading a lot of posts saying “How many lessons a day” and I’m confused. How much is a lesson? Is a lesson a single word/kanji? Or is it a set of five?

For example, someone says, “I do 5 lessons a day.”

Does that mean 50 words/kanji? Or does it mean 5 words?

I hear doing 10 lessons is a good place to start daily but I’m not sure how many that is.

Thanks so much


1 lesson = 1 kanji = 1 radical = 1 vocabulary word
You can see the number of lessons you have unlocked on your dashboard, it’s the button you click to do your lessons

I was also a bit confused by that when I first started, in my head one lesson was made of several items. But that’s not how it is here. :slight_smile:



@GoldCrusader :
50 words kanji is an insane amount, especially on later levels. Take it slow until you’ve found your routine


one lesson is one radical meaning or a pair of kanji or vocab meaning + reading.

note that the sets of 5 can be changed in the settings as well. I like to do 4 at a time. i also wait between the lesson and the quiz and distract myself for a few minutes. otherwise i could do larger sets because i remember much better if i do the quiz right away but i also do miserably 4 hours later


I do sets off 3 lessons. I like doing 1-3 sets at most, so 3-9 items in the morning, nothing later.

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