How many Apprentice are TOO many?

I think I started with doing everything then limited it at 100, now I’m at 50. Works for me, but also not something to recommend when you start out.

Would say keeping it under 100 should be manageable for a long while.

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How do you check what are your leeches without using a script? I ask because the only computer access I currently have is my work computer (can’t download things on that) and I otherwise do WK on my phone.

My primary source are scripts (Item Inspector, Self-Study Quiz, Leech Trainer). I also have a document where I write down my leeches (to analyze them; usually there’s a reason why a particular item is a leech).

I guess another option would be to use an app. Flaming Durtles has a self-study quiz built in, you can set it to review only leeches.

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You could also go to wkstats with your API key. Your leeches will probably be the items that are in a significantly lower SRS stage than the rest for any given level. It should give you a rough estimate of what your leeches are.

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I made the mistake of ignoring a few vocab lessons. Used to have 170ish apprentice at one point. I feel anything more than 150 is a little overwhelming. Still have a pile of 600 guru items. From pain to death :frowning:

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I’d recommend trying to keep apprentice count under 300 :stuck_out_tongue:

(So far, the highest it’s been for me is 329, but luckily I managed to get it back down to only 271 right now)

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Definitely varies… I have about 75 and I’d be comfortable with 150. I think I’d get too overwhelmed past that. I have previous experience with some kanji, so if I know them and I am getting up to 100 I’ll take them anyway as it’s not overwhelming. It’s mainly the vocab that’s taking a while with me.

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