How long will it take?


How long does it take to complete one level? I’ve just started and in 24hrs I’ve still not been able to unlock the kanji, or vocab, only the radicals. Seems pretty slow for my learning speed atm.


Looks like you haven’t read the FAQ and Guide yet!


Level 1 & 2 take at least 3 days 10 hours each, after that it’s 6 days 20 hours for a long time.

Please read the FAG


Kumi, typo.


Oh shit… It’s not a typo, but I didn’t mean to write it… The FAG is what I call the FAQ And Guide in my head :eyes:


Right! Brain went to slur alert but after I got over the initial feeling of panic, it makes sense.


I wondered this for a while now…where do you guys always get the correct GIF for the situation?
Do you curate personal GIF databases?


I was wondering the same thing.


I have a bunch downloaded on my desktop and another bunch pinned on pinterest


I just use GIPHY.


It involves a high effective method. For 99$, I can sell you the course.

Basically think of the type of gif you want. Ex: sad, happy, dancing, excited, etc.

Write it on google + GIF and select images.

Select the GIF that suits you best.


Alternatively search for images of the thing and use Tools > Type > Animated


I do Tools --> Type --> Animated on Google Image.

Stupid ninja Kumi.


I shall try my newly acquired knowledge then.



Thanks! I really appreciate it.


Thats max speed though. Keep in mind that the review count will get pretty nutty if your acc isnt that good and you go at full speed.