How long will it take for me to do get to lvl 2

I just started and i was wondering what the pace would be?

The fastest possible pace is 3 days 10 hours, for each of levels 1 and 2. I don’t recall the exact review intervals, because these are slightly sped-up levels, but I’ve never seen someone say they got faster than that.

At level 3, the minimum pace changes to 6 days 20 hours (which is a confirmed thing). Some levels later on are possible at 3 days 10 hours, for a different reason than levels 1 and 2.


The pace Leebo states is the fastest time (as he clearly states). If you prefer a slower pace, which you might want to do in later levels, you can go at whatever pace you want. You can adjust your pace by altering how fast you do your lessons.

In terms of amounts of kanji learned, after the first few levels, if you go as fast as possible, it’s around 33 kanji a week (plus or minus a few).

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