How long is membership needed?


Okay… So I’m curious about something.
I’m getting closer to level 60 (something hard to believe) but that made me think about what’s gonna happen after.
I’ve been using the monthly plan (sounded like the best option in the beginning) but would I be able to cancel It after I reach level 60?
I want to burn through everything so would I not be able to do it?
I’m curious if you need a membership to review stuff you already learned or not…

Any words of wisdom would be most helpful 〜


Yes, you need to be subscribed to be able to review content past level 3.

There has been a promotion (for the last 2 years at least) for level 60s during New Year’s where lifetime costs $60. If you really wanna continue going through Wanikani, maybe subscribe for 1 year and then buy the lifetime by then (the unused time from the yearly sub will be discounted on the lifetime’s price).

My guess is that it will take on average 1.5 to 2 years to burn (almost) all items.


(congratulations on soon getting to 60!)

One thing to know about trying to burn everything, is that it’s a very gradual process.
There’s going to be a point where the usefulness of the subscription drops heavily and you’re mostly just waiting around for occasional burn reviews to show up and hoping you don’t make a mistake and have to wait even longer.
And they still add content, so if you want to really see 100% burned, those new lessons might rope you in indefinitely…

I hit level 60 I think about a couple years ago, and now my items look like this:

I don’t really think of Wanikani as useful study anymore, anki has completely replaced it for me. I’m only still doing reviews when they pop up because why not, I have a lifetime subscription.
Except for newly added items, it’s maybe like, 4 reviews every few days.

All that’s to say, I probably would not want to keep paying monthly for Wanikani for as long as it takes to burn everything. (Because I wouldn’t be getting much of anything for that money this month.)
BUT I probably would want to stay subscribed for at least a little while after reaching 60. To solidify those last items with reviews.
And unfortunately I don’t think there’s a line to draw for where you would want to stop, it’s just slowly diminishing returns, and it’s up to you how to handle it.

Maybe keeping the subscription until the sale could help gauge what you want to do.


I’m hitting a point where pretty much all of my review items are leeches, which to me is insanely useful. Just something to consider when you do hit 60. Past that point though? Maybe not. Like rodan said, other tools will take it’s place.


Woah, congratz on getting so far.
And thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

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While burning everything is a commendable goal, it’s not a very “useful” one. (sorry for a better way of phrasing it). But, essentially, burning up to 80% or 90% is pretty good enough. There is little purpose in pursuing it further than that, as you’ll be able to forge deeper connections to kanji and vocab from media exposure and/or talking Japanese at that point. What’s left is probably leeches, and you would have burned those already if you could learn them from SRS alone. ^^’

I’m on the annual subscription but it will run out in July. By that time - 3,5 months after reaching lv 60 - I hope to have achieved as much as I can out of WK. Then I’ll just move on to other stuff: reading, gaming, drama CD etc.

I don’t recommend you get lifetime this late on your journey or even getting annual. Burning everything can take years. Just look at other lv 60 people.

You might as well just get through the last levels as fast as possible and then focus on burning as much as you can by adding a couple more months devoted to the last levels (getting them to Master at least and burning items). And then move on to other stuff = non- SRS stuff for your learning.

I think it’s more beneficial for you and also more cost-efficient at the stage you’re at.

But, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your studying - keep on with WK or moving on to something else. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Good luck reaching level 60

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