How long does it take for studying to really heat up?

About 3 days in now, I have to wait up to as many as 7-8 hours between review sessions/quizzes. I’ve definitely recognized the spaced out system’s merits so I’m not complaining at all, I was just wondering when I could really expect things to pick up a bit since I feel like I have a lot of time on my hands to learn. Appreciate any responses!

Took until about level 5 for things to get going for me, where I had at least 50+ reviews each morning and 100+ lessons each new level which took about…2-3 months to reach. (First levels can be very slow going)

Honestly once you’re a couple of levels in and you unlock the vocab (there’s about 40 in each of the first one and about 80-100+ in later levels) things get pretty full pretty fast.
I know people say it a lot, but definitely use this dead space time to start on grammar/a text book series. Because later on reviews take up so much time it’s really hard to fit in all the other really important stuff.


I think you’re on the last super slow day so it will start picking up from here. It will really get going from about level 6 or so, so be careful what you wish for!

I’m approaching the end of level 4, and the activity level has noticeably gone up from before. It’s not just the amount of items WK will have you learn - it’s also alternate readings and all that stuff. As @ImJoee mentioned earlier, you may want to study a little grammar on the side? People suggested that to me, and it’s proven very helpful.

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Also depends on Apprentice items. I remember having so many apprentice items my reviews were 350 a day

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