How long did it take to get to your current level?

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Currently at 245 days. All lessons and vocab are up to date. This past week I did near 400 reviews a day to get caught back up from slacking a bit last week. X.x

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441 days, mostly due to three 40+ day meltdowns where I almost fell off the wagon. Glad I am still here though. The cake has been great.

I’ve been going on a slower pace during the summer. Think I’m currently doing 30 days per level. Last year I started with WK in Septemeber. So in the 13 months I’m studying, I gained 24 levels! Though I’m going on a faster pace now, due to more time and such. Let me say 11/12 days per level. :slight_smile:

3 years 9 months.


128 days. 39 of those days were spent on level 7, but I’m still here, so that’s a victory in my book.

Today marks my 70th day and I’m averaging about 8 days per level, which I’m fairly comfortable with. I think I’m gonna aim for keeping it under 10 days per level as I keep going forward because I don’t trust myself to keep an 8 day average forever. Here’s hoping~~~

Woah, how did you get through the first level so quickly?

By doing the reviews when they appear.

It took around ten months to get to level 13, but that’s because I’d chosen to work rather slow for a while; a decision I’ve regretted.

pretty much exactly what @Leebo said. did all my lessons at once, and set alarms for my reviews.

after the first few levels, i dont really recommend doing all the lessons at once or else all the reviews come up at the same time, and it can become overwhelming. also, after i got into a rhythm, never needed to set alarms anymore

it took me i think 5 days to get to level 2 but maybe 6 idk

Oh boy. Now I feel like an idiot–it wakes me ~20 days to level up. Am I doing something wrong?

Only if you’re trying to go faster and failing. You didn’t give much for detail, but I’d say the most common cause of “I had no idea you could even go that fast” is when people do lessons slowly in the random order that WK used to have as the default, or the now non-random order that prioritizes prior levels’ vocab before the current levels’ radicals and kanji.

Does that sound familiar? Do you just kind of wade through the lessons in the order WK gives them? If you prioritize radicals and kanji, you’ll level up faster even if the total time to do all lessons is the same.

Ahh that makes sense! I definitely just do the lessons in the order that WK gives.Are you saying that as I get the lessons, I should be completing the kanji/radicals first and then working on vocab? To be honest I wouldn’t even know how to do that–I’m terrible with all things tech.

I live in the Japanese countryside so I get a lot of kanji exposure that way, but when it comes to sitting down in front of the computer and finishing 30 lessons in a row, they all start to jumble together after a while…

As I said, you should only do it if you want to be going faster. I’d say at 20 days per level, you could probably go faster without noticing an impact on your retention.

It’s not that hard to install a userscript. You can find out more here.

and then install this script

Thank you SO so much! I’ll install this as soon as I get home. I’ll see you on the level 60 side of things someday soon.

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Be careful with the reorder scripts though. Since vocab isn’t taken into account when it comes to leveling up, you might find yourself with more and more vocab lessons, so make sure you keep them under control.

Now who would so something so silly?

Most of them are in apprentice and guru since I recently finished their lessons

240 days so far, about to level up to 16 here.