How long did it take to get to your current level?

About five years. :smirk:


Interesting, I posted back in March with this. Don’t remember what level I was back then, but the new stats are:

Level 37: 286 days. Avg 7 days 14 hrs per level (excluding first 3 levels).

Might be able to hit 60 by New Year’s if I keep up the pace :slight_smile:

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You’re the next 神様 of leveling up on WK? :heart_eyes:

Well, I’m not quite at @Leebo level, but I guess it’s about as fast as you can go without, say, waking up in the middle of the night for radical reviews or something like that. And sometimes, crucial reviews come during work, but I try to time it during lunch or bathroom breaks.

I’m mostly worried about my transition when I go to Japan in 3 weeks, especially concerning switching mobile networks, general internet availability, etc., but I’ll definitely try to keep up my pace. My 1 year is set to run out like the day after the fastest I can get 60. Maybe I’ll buy just an extra month to clean things up if need be.

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Downward trend but kinda plateaued :confused:


Well, it’s hard to go even faster than 6d20h, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Aren’t you going to stay so that you can burn the items?

Eh, I’m not that much of a completionist. Not worth an extra 3-4 months of membership just to go from Enlightened to Burn on the items for the last 1/4th or so of the program. After all, by that point, the more pertinent ones will get naturally burned by the consumption of native material.


Well, until you get to level 46. Then the real challenge begins.


I think this will be fun to check on later.

Level 6: 32 days, レベルアップまでの平均時間は7日10時間です。

Getting to 46 be like


Yeah… I can’t wait for it… :roll_eyes:

How much time did you take for each of those levels? I think I can handle 5 days/lvl but more than that is kinda pointless I guess :thinking: Unless the JLPT is nearby I guess.

I hit the minimum of 3 days 10 hours 5 times, as well as a few in the 3 days 11 or 12 hours range. But my average for the entire short-level stretch was 3 days 22 hours, because I had a couple of long levels (5ish days) right around JLPT time.


WHOA! I guess without radicals… you can just zoom through them… do people actually though?

It took me 60 days to reach level 5 :slightly_frowning_face:

I changed the approach at around Lv 25-30. Don’t worry. The approach to WaniKani will get better over time.

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For 3d10h levels, I sacrificed Guru->Master step, doing it at level 60.

Ooh that’s quite similar to me, we started around the same time and are around the same levels now.

Level 36: 256 days :slight_smile:

The stats website says I’ll only reach lv 60 in March next year, but let’s do our best all the same :slight_smile:


I can’t believe it’s been 4 months already! Also, I can’t believe I learned this many kanji in just 4 months!


The sheer amount of kanji learned, and really stick in the brain, is amazing indeed. Every time I go to the stats website I swear a little, that there wasn’t any website like WK for Chinese when I was learning it. Life could’ve been waaaay easier :’)


I only started WK 18 days after creating the account (that’s why lvl 1 took so long). Today I reached my 100th day on WK ^^


Hi. How can we do that? Currently it takes me about 9 days to level up. I got 80% right each review session, and I do about 5-6 critical reviews a day (based on the addon wani timelime). What else or where I can improve to make me go faster without cheating ? Thank you.