How long did it take to get to your current level?


'Bout 8 months in and Level 21… I’m sorta cruising slowly because I’m not in a super rush to get the lowest time per level.

I know I’m not Level 30 yet but in terms of reading, I encounter a fair amount of vocab and kanji I’m not familiar with, but constantly whip out the dictionary so I’m not actually sure how much I’m capable of reading on my own. I’d estimate that I search up maybe 10 or so kanji/vocab per page of the book I’m reading currently. Some of that is searching up stuff I already learned because I always second guess myself :frowning:

With a dictionary I can translate a light novel, so… it depends on how good your grammar is too because even if you recognize kanji, not knowing the grammar will make it hard to read text.


Out of curiosity, how did you count 6 days?
1 year = 365.25 days
1 month = 365.25/12 days
and then round up?


I used It accounts for everything, including leap years, 100-year corrections, etc.

Specifically, “days from (date1) to (date2)”.


Probably not the right place for that, but would it be possible to include this in your to-do list as well?

  • Adding a 2nd hypothetical time value box, where you could separately specify level-up intervals for 46+ levels.

[STATS] Statistics site

Fixed! Turns out I already had it calculating this, but there was a slight bug preventing it from detecting all-burned status.


I’ve posted a link in the [Stats Site thread] to remind me. Thanks!


It makes so much more sense now! Thank you so much for this insightful wisdom, it will help me out so much!
(WaniKani can be a bit confusing sometimes)


There are no weekends when writing a thesis. Problem solved.


Yes, but not to the people around you…
Closing curtains, turning off cell-phone and not using social networks is the only way to avoid pestering overjoyous humans from reminding you that you could actually be having a weekend if not for the dreaded Thesis.


I clear radicals as soon as they appear, then move to the new kanjis within the same day. Then I clear the new vocab, about 30 new items per day. My consistency is not great for vocabulary so things come back to my review queue, at the moment I find it hard to keep my apprentice items below 200, I must do about 300 to 400 reviews per day. I usually do them when I wake up (100, up to 200), then I will clear occasionally during the day (1 or 2 times), and then I do one big batch in the evening to get to 0 reviews. For current level items, I do the radicals on time, and then the second batch of new kanji on time and that works well. I’m between jobs at the moment, so my schedule is flexible enough but it’s definitely time-consuming and it’s affecting the time I spend on grammar learning. But I’m glad I see progress.

Here is my latest graph:


Took me one year, two months and five days to get to lv60.


But I live in Jupiter so 1 year for me is 12 earth years. I shouldn’t have got WK Lifetime.


Not been studying for that long, but Im soon reaching level 6. The last level has taken a bit longer than I expected but I havn’t been using WaniKani as much this week :frowning:

I think I’m holding a proper pace for me though, I rather learn everything as good as I can before I get ahead of myself. I’m a bit scared to be swarmed if I go too fast, and in the long run that will just bite me in the butt. I feel like I’m pretty consistent in all my reviews and I rather go that route, since It’s much more motivating. Think I would get frustrated if there were a lot of items that I can’t recall even with the mnemonics, and I would probably burn out a lot faster that way. So I’m going fairly slow, but It’s the perfect pace for me :slight_smile:


Omg. I was wondering some time ago while some of them have white background and some don’t :joy: thankssss~

I haven’t burned anything yet, so i haven’t seen black triangles & background yet. Looking forward to them~~ two months to go!


Thanks for the info! That sounds like a crazy amount of work, and your consistency is very impressive. I floundered a good amount as I juggled work, travel, and numerous other things, and lately settled into doing just 5 - 10 lessons a day and reviews whenever they come up — now that I’ve caught up with reviews I’m planning my next leveling strategy. I think the consensus from all you high performers is to do all radicals immediately, catch up on vocab from the previous level (optional), then take the new kanji and vocab at a pace that you can handle.


Sure. I think you need to do whatever pace works for you. I’m more into a mindset where I want to see the end of it sooner rather than later and progressing at that pace becomes a goal in itself and keeps me going. Quick and dirty method. I like the regularity, I like to be able to see exactly when I will reach a certain level if I keep going like that. I also feel like I understand the wanikani mechanics perfectly to the point, so I can make the most of it, making sure I review items pretty much when the SRS intends me to. I only use the reorder script for lessons to learn the radicals and kanjis first, I don’t think you can do without. For tight deadlines, I also have the reorder script for reviews on the iPhone app but I use it very rarely (I make typos all the time and it’s slower to do reviews on mobile).

In terms of reviews a day, I would push it a little to avoid accumulating vocabs in your lesson queue. You get roughly 150 new items to learn every week so if you do 5-10 a day things will start to pile up at some point.


My lesson strategy for the 7-day levels was:
Day 1: New level: All radical lessons and a few of the kanji
Day 2: Rest of the kanji lessons
Day 3: No lessons
Day 4: Guru radicals -> do the new kanji lessons that unlock.
Day 5: 30-40 Vocab lessons
Day 6: 30-40 Vocab lessons
Day 7: All remaning (should be about 40) Vocab lessons.
Repeat from day 1.

Review-wise I just did them all four times a day, but I think you can get by with twice. As long as you can get some time during day1 and day2 to catch that 4-hour interval of the level-critical kanji and radicals.

You can probaly use a variation of this to suit whatever pace you feel you want to go at… Like @yoshindustry I felt that just getting it done fast was motivational in itself.


hahaha, waay to long…


My graph is really weird. I was pretty sick between level 14 and 27, so I didn’t have any motivation at all. After that I feel I’ve been going at a pretty steady pace. In total, I’ve spent 649 days on WaniKani.


It’s been one year and one day…

I can’t access the wk data site from this computer, but here is an old graph from a week or so. I started level 43 last saturday. Level 42 took 6 days 20 hours since I was in a different time zone, now I’m back in my normal time zone, so it’ll probably be a 7 day 4 hour level up to get back to my normal schedule. Level 28 was when my (first ever) Japan trip, so I did no WK during that time, and it took me a bit of time to get back on track, since I had forgotten all of my apprentice items…