How is a "review session" determined?

When you start your reviews on the website, it shows you your previous session results. I’ve been using the app I created (still working on it) and I went on the website today and when I clicked reviews it said like 700 correct, 300 incorrect. I never had that many reviews at once.

I assume that WaniKani is just taking everything I’ve done on the app as the previous session. Is there a way to start a new session or something? The API doesn’t seem to have any information about this.

Maybe this is something that I can’t control.

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Do you use an app or tool for WK?

What do you mean?

I stated in my original post that I’m using an app that I created. Pretty sure that’s why it is showing so many reviews in my last session.

The api does not state any sort of concept of a “review session”. I’m wondering if I can say “this is the end of the session”.

So basically what I am asking is, when you click on “reviews” and it shows you your previous results, how is it determining what to show you?

Edit: I went and clicked on reviews, and now I see that technically the page is called “Review Summary”. I’m not sure what it is a summary of. The items completed in the last day? The items completed recently?

I’ve seen this happen as well, and I’m pretty sure you’re right. I don’t know if that’s available from the API, but I’ve never heard it mentioned before. If it’s not, you might want to tag one of the developers to get their thoughts on getting better support for it.