How I feel about studying Japanese and using WaniKani after 8 months

First of all, WK, isn’t an language learning app, it’s a kanji-learning app. That’s a huge difference. You’re not going to learn all the important vocab you need for conversation from WK alone. That’s not the purpose of any of the vocab. They exist as a help to remember the different readings of kanji. For both grammar and vocab you need to use other learning resources.

Is your goal to be fluent then yes, that might be the case. Especially if you don’t have much time to devote to learning Japanese. But, is there a reason you need to take it that far? You mention being able to hold conversations, but you don’t have to be fluent for that.

Maybe set more realistic goals for yourself, that also matches the time you have alotted to Japanese besides work and IRL stuff. And, especially, be more diverse in your learning scheme. WK will not teach you Japanese. That is not the purpose. It’s a tool to teach you how to read.

I suggest taking a look at the resource list to find complimentary things beside WK.