How good is FluentU?

Found it recommended to me on a list of apps. The subscription however seems costly, it was something like £24 a month (compared to WK’s £6). You get a free trail but I don’t really like putting my details in for things that renew automatically before I’m sure.

So…what does the WK community think of it?

I’ve been playing around with it to test it out for my Japanese teacher, honestly, it’s useful but there are a lot of little mistakes running throughout it, and while I enjoy it I don’t think it’s worth $30 a month, nowhere close.

Personally, I think Satori Reader ( is a lot better than FluentU for this style of learning, though I’m not necessarily recommending anything. Satori Reader has nice info about how each word, phrase, and grammar point is used, and often why the author chose to phrase things a certain way. The main complaint about Satori is the amount of content, but you could always subscribe monthly until you run out of content. At current count, though, it looks like they have 253 articles (with audio, interactive script/transcript, and study tools), so that’s probably enough to keep someone busy for a while.


@rfindley I had a little look at that site, looks nice! Thanks for the not necessarily recommendation :grin:
@CryssiKat The mistakes are probably because FluentU doesn’t just cover Japanese. I don’t think I’m able to learn from something knowing what I’m learning could be wrong

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I’m actually looking at trying the site also, but was worried about putting in my credit card info too. I recently read that you can get a prepaid visa gift card and use it as a credit card on subscription sites with no worries about recurring charges or personal information. :grin:

I haven’t tried it yet but if I do I’ll let you know how it went!

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