How fast should I be progressing?

For sure, I do that. I just used kanji as an example because that’s what matters when levelling up. I usually learn all radicals in one go and mix up kanji & vocab.

Correct, but you’re presuming that your accuracy will decrease, which might not be the case.

That’s just what I’ve seen, but you are right, I haven’t tried learning kanji faster. And I usually fail on vocab.

Meanings or readings?

Are you using the mnemonics?

Do you feel that you’re not learning kanji well enough and that itself will hurt your vocab retention?

  • Both
  • I use mnemonics, but some don’t work well and I am probably not spending enough time to make my own
  • I think I learn kanji well, its usually the vocab endings. Say 大きく、大した、大きい。I keep mixing them up because I don’t have a good mnemonic for the ending. 交わる and 交ぜる for example are fine, cause the Jesus mnemonic worked well for me. But yeah, its both the meaning and reading that I mix up, cause vocab ending doesn’t usually help me remember

The right speed for me is one that isn’t tiring, but keeps you on your feet. You don’t want to be too comfortable, you know?

Also, I think somewhere around 70-90 apprentice items is pretty doable. Recently I’ve discovered that the trick to progressing faster, is realizing that the first 4 reviews (4h, 8h, 1 day, and 2 days after that) are the key to nailing it down.

I try to do as many lessons as I can in the morning, around 9 or 10 am, that way when I’m at work I get the 2nd review right away, progressing much faster with about the same amount of effort. The Timeline Script helps a lot here.

Good luck with your progress!


I think it’s a problem with your grammar. The endings are normally based on their grammatical function. It’s like big and bigger in English. They come from the same place but you can distinguish them because you know how they work grammatically.

For that particular case, you might want to read this:

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I was thinking that when I’ll learn that grammar, these won’t be a problem anymore. I’ve only done Basic Grammar from Tae Kim, so I’ve still got plenty to learn.

I guess that means its ok for me to not worry about those much and just concentrate on kanji/partials :thinking:

How’s your grammar study going? If you’re still far behind, I would advise you to focus on it for your next step (instead of trying to increase the intensity on WK).

If you’re having problems with normal textbooks/blog posts, I suggest you to check Misa’s channel. She’s really good at explaining stuff and her content is very beginner friendly.

My phone lets me know when new reviews are up and I do them then; the only problem is I sleep in on weekends, so I completely miss those time slot ones that I establish during the weekday. Lol. Not super relevant, but I still felt like sharing it. lol.

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Well I stopped doing much self study on grammar since I’ve started doing one 2hr class a week, where I get new piece of grammar, but I think I should start doing more on my own again. I’ve been trying to get into habit of using Bunpro which seems fantastic, but I need to also find time to get to read more in-depth.

But really, I adapted what @koichi talks about, which is learning kanji/grammar first and then going for grammar. Learning 90% of a thing first, before going for that last 10. It works pretty well so far, but as you can see, not always.

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Has this thread been answered yet?

You should be going at your own pace.
If you want to do more quality reviews instead of leveling fast, then do so.
If accuracy/retention is more important for you, then do your 10 lessons a day.
Otherwise, the SRS is there to help you by having items you don’t know come up more frequently.

Do all your lessons immediately.
Finish your reviews when you have time.
I can do about 100 in 20 minutes by purposely failing if I can’t recall within 3 seconds.
Don’t care about accuracy. Care about learning.
You’re under 70 apprentice as of now which is a fairly low number.

Other users are faster because they can spend more time studying outside of Wanikani.
I don’t recommend it, but you can use a script to only study kanji until level 60 and then work on your level 11 vocab.
Then you won’t have to worry about leveling anymore.

Level at your own pace.

Those users at the Challenge Me to a Race Thread are going to burn out by level 30 if they can’t handle the reviews at the pace they’re going. The thread creator quit at level 5. I’m only watching because I want to see the amount of inactive users pile up.

You can then start reviewing your notes from that class and then add whatever you learned to the review system on Bunpro. There, you don’t really need to follow a order. Using SRS for grammar helps you to make sure you keep things fresh. I’m sure that doing 5 to 10 reviews a day there won’t be a problem for you :slight_smile:

Well, it happens with everyone, not just with those participating in that thread.

It was predictable. The whole argument “no scripts no cheating” and the emotional response were hard not to notice. They tried to take 2 steps at once and that was the problem, not the speed itself. Everyone can go faster, they just need to build the infrastructure that supports that. How long that takes depends on the person, time, bla bla bla.


“How fast should I be going?”

At your own pace.

Seriously. Figure out how many items you can keep in your apprentice queue at once and still learn and review effectively. Also, a slower pace isn’t necessarily a sign of slower language study in general. If WK is just one part of your Japanese intake, you might not get to it every day, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t doing grammar/reading/vocab/writing/listening/speaking instead. Unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day.

Let the SRS do its thing. It’s not going to let you burn a kanji you don’t know. It’s one of the things that makes WK such a good tool. (But it’s just that; a tool, not a race.)

It was quite awhile ago, I just like to get back and put my thoughts in here and continue the discussion in general. I know I can always count on a good conversation with @jprspereira :smiley:

I feel like this contradicts itself, although I am probably wrong. I see accuracy as a good way to measure if I am learning something well. If I keep failing, I’ve probably didn’t spend enough time thinking and learning the mnemonic. And if I don’t fix it, I’ll keep on failing and ultimately never learn a piece of vocab or kanji.


The thread creator created it at level 5, even. That makes me sad. :frowning:

Well now that I am on my way to level 20, sometimes I really struggling to keep up with 10 items a day. I still have some vocab from single-digit levels, it feels I’ll never remember them T_T My Apprentence fluctuates between 60-140 items… Anybody struggled with many leeches?

when you’re level 0 to 19 , Wanikani seems slow , so many people tend to want to speed things up !

Cause after level 20 that’s where the real struggle begins !
at level 20/25 , many gets overwhelmed with reviews

never forget that all the vocab waiting to be burned will come back one day and will be added to your current lessons

with too many enlighted words coming back all at once , you’ll drown

Hey @MacOneill! Thanks for chiming in, I thought this topic was dead at this point. I think I found a healthy approach nowadays, where I am happy with speed and my backlog, as long as I do reviews everyday. I’ve got a lot of burned items, a lot more than I think an average lvl19 has, due to how much I emphasised reviews over speed at the start. So hopefully that will help, now that I am passing into lvl20 territory. And its very interested, that you say that’s where it gets hard, I didn’t know about it. Hopefully my approach would still work, but we’ll have to see.

100 itens a month is too low when you consider WK has more than 8000 itens. I’ve been doing like this for the last 2 levels:

  • I use Lesson Ordering to get new Radicals and Kanji to the front as soon as they are avaiable, for me there is no reason to study them only after you ended all the vocab of the last level… and depending on the level this can take long

  • I learn the new radicals as fast as I can because they are usually really easy, there’s no reason to take more than 2-3 days on them. Normally I use 2 days

  • Then I do a mix of kanji/vocab per day. I try to learn 6 to 9 new kanji and 6 to 9 new vocab, which gives ~15 new itens per day. So far I’m managing to handle it quite well! I like to do a mix with vobab, because for me the vocab really helps to learn the kanji.

  • I do one review session after I wake and before eating dinner. If I can I do one in the middle of the evening. I normally go through all the review items. This way each review section is about 50-70 items, which I can handle in 10-15 minutes tops

Using this formula it’s taking me ~10 to 12 days to level up. For my purposes, it’s a good pace, it’s ~2.5 levels per month.

I am currently at 160 new items per month. I was doing 310, as indicated earlier for awhile. And it ended up being too much, I had some real trouble dealing with reviews, even if I do it daily multiple times per day, as well as doing those 10 items per day. But the current pace that I got to is quite comfortable and I am progressing at a rate I am happy with. Sure, people can get all items in a year, but I am ok taking my time with this.

Your approach is quite good, similar to what @jprspereira suggested and similar to what I do, except the review timings

P.S. damn @jprspereira, I didn’t realise you got to lvl 60 already, that’s amazing!!! In a year, first person I know who did. Guess your method is the best after all

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