How does WaniKani handle summer time?

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so I’ve been wondering how WaniKani handles the switch to summer time and vise versa. Because the last six level I completed in exactly 7 days and my OCPD wants it to stay that way. My level up time right now is monday 9 am. So with summer time coming, does the system compensate for it and can I just keep doing my level up review at 9 am or would I have to do it at 10 am to keep my level duration at exactly 7 days?
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WK does not compensate for anything. It just takes the hour where you did a lesson/review, adds the relevant amount of time to the next review, and that’s it.

You can move to a different time zone, it won’t matter.

Now, since your session is at 9am, it may become a 10 am session the first time around. However, since a level is actually 6 days and 20 hours, it will get back to normal after a couple of days.


Wow! Doesn’t help OP, but this is the very first time I feel remotely pleased to be living in a summer-time-free zone! (miss the late summer evenings…).

Well, besides that, summer time is just a useless inconvenience for everyone, imo.

Having midsummer sunrise at 3:30 is pretty inconvenient when you work until 10pm, too, though - not much sleep.

I just came here to thank you for differentiating OCPD from OCD. It annoys the crap out of me when I hear people say things like “Oh my God, I’m sooo OCD”.

Anyway, thanks for being considerate of those that suffer with OCD. :slight_smile:


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