How does texting language translate to speaking?

Here is the video that I’m referencing. Basically, she goes through internet slang, but a lot of it is in written language, like when you’d text your friends. Are there spoken equivalencies for some of these slang phrases?

For example, at the end of a phrase when texting, you can write W, (笑), 草, or even 草生える. Are any of these things you would say out loud? I’m particularly interested in the whole “何々~て草” thing. Do people say that out loud?

Example number two, there’s a phrase that goes “ちょwおまww” which is short for something like “ちょっと待ってwお前w.” Do people say that shortened version out loud (aside from the w’s)? Additionally, I’m a girl, so would I use that phrase even though お前 is generally masculine?

Thank you!

  1. Do you ever say things like lol out loud?
  2. You should probably never use お前.

I’ve heard many people say stuff like lol, rofl, WTF or even kappa out loud. It’s pretty common amongst young people, at least here in Germany.


That makes me sad.


I’ve even written things like “lmao” or “lol” onto postcards, letters or birthday cards for friends. :sweat_smile:

Not saying that in a hundred years or so all of humanity will only use abbreviations but language evolves, always has. Whether in spoken or written terms. 10 years ago people didn’t keysmash things like “skdfhkd” on messengers either. Now it’s a thing that I see a lot on the internet and even do myself. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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It’s quite common, at least in Britain, to say “lol” when someone thinks they’ve said something funny and it’s not funny at all.
Has to be said as deadpan as possible though.


So you’ve never said “ok” out loud?

“Ok” pre-dates texting, just by a little bit.


That’s my point.

Lol is a dutch word for fun so we say it out loud lol


people don’t speak like that here. they use normal japanese.
kids among themselves might be a different story, but i don’t think i’ll have to deal with such a situation…


Yep the kids nowadays do indeed say things like LOL and OMG out loud. It is very cringy to me. My daughter does it and she is 6. :scream:

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