How does resetting affect stats exactly?

I have been using the statistics website located here to see my progress and outlook:

I wanted to know how exactly that resetting will affect how that website calculates things? Will resetting it to level one give that website the appearance that I just started so that it more accurately calculates when I should be reaching the next level?

My first two levels were done years ago. And levels 2 through 6 were finished months ago. Because of my massive break, the website is saying it should take me until 2049 to burn everything. It’s been a few months since I logged on thanks to some personal life drama and I’m tempted to reset back to level one anyways.

If resetting to 1 would fix the forecast on that stat site, I might be tempted to go through with it.

Anyone know how it works?

Yes, it will erase all progress and will “fix your forecast”.

I reset at one point and my “start date” on that site is the day I restarted at level 1.

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Good to know!

I think the reset might be the way to go.

Good luck!

You don’t have to reset to fix the forecast, but your start date will remain messed up. Just click the useless levels to have them ignored in the calculations (they will turn grey). The only real downside is that the daily estimates will be off (meh).

My page after resetting from 7 -> 4 and ignoring the early levels

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Interesting. Does resetting have any affect on your review percentage stats at all?
Or does the site still track the total number of reviews “ever”, including pre-reset?

It will be as if you never did any lessons or reviews for the items from the reset levels.

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