How Does One Add On Python files to Anki as Add-Ons

This webpage has a link to a google drive with a bunch of add-obs it wants you to add:

This is the Google drive folder:

I have no idea how to add these onto my anki. I’m on a Mac if that helps

According to this webpage, you should be able to go to Tools > Add-ons and click View Files to open the add-ons folder, which you can then copy-paste the add-ons into.

It says thst but it doesn’t work when I do it.

Did you unzip the .zip file and copy in the four .py files, and restart Anki?

Usually is a drag and drop process (to the add-ons folder in Anki) (Library>Anki>addons).

Check that the add-ons are actually made for the version of Anki you’re using. There’s Anki 2.0 and 2.1. Add-ons are not compatible between different versions.

If you are using 2.1, the add-ons on that article won’t work. Here are the ones for making the same adjustments he proposes on 2.1.

Thanks that was the problem.