How do You Write き?

Do you connect the top and bottom, or leave a gap? I am not asking how you are supposed to do it, but how you actually do it.

  • Connected
  • Disconnected

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I imagine my style is influenced by who taught me. In this case, the INTERNET!

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Why no love for ふ?
I’m a disconnecter where possible in most of my Hiragana.

Woah, wait, what is there to connect in ふ?


On pen and paper, ぶ kinda looks more like 心 but with the middle bit facing the other way.

Oddly, I disconnect ぶ but not き/さ.

Does anyone disconnect 子?

I disconnect pretty much anything I can…I used to disconnect ち at some point (because I was mirroring さ, obviously) until one of my teachers told me that, no, you can’t disconnect this one :sweat_smile:


I used to connect it but at university, they force that you disconnect it, they want you to write in a certain way. You actually lose points on a test if you dare connect it.

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Seeing it written connected would make me think the writer learned from copying fonts.

Not judging, though, I was corrected on my font-ish handwriting back when I first started.


If I were to draw it, I would connect the lines, if I were to just write it, I wouldn’t.

Huh, I disconnect everything where possible, but I was actually told that my disconnected ふ looked too much like a font. I was told to draw the middle section entirely as one stroke, with just the two side marks separate. I gotta say, it makes it a whole lot quicker to write as well, and my ふ always looked terrible before I started doing that :sweat_smile:

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