How do you tell which kanji is the last one I need to pass?

this happens everytime im close to finishing a level this happens. Also 氏 was at 4/5 earlier today but I spelt it wrong while on my phone, so view all of the unpassed ones as equal.

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It’s whichever one of them you get to guru next. Since the order of reviews is random you won’t know for sure which one of them will be first (assuming they all come up for review at the same time). So it’s not like WK is looking for one specific kanji as the 30th kanji, it can be any of your apprentice kanji.


Doesn’t matter which one :slight_smile:
You need to pass a certain percentage of kanji to guru (idk, like 90% maybe?) in order to level up. It doesn’t matter which ones. So in theory you could make it to level 60 while still having one or two kanji from level 1 in apparentice XD


ahh ok i see. thanks!

That sounds like an incredibly stupid challenge… Anyone want to try?


I still have a level 2 kanji bouncing back and forth that I’ve given up on. lol


Probably the easiest way is for you to reach level 60, then WK adds a new item in level 1. Tadaaa…


本当ですね!コメントありがとうございます。 :wink:

WK keeps track of all items individually, meaning, @funnysilly, you can just hover over any kanji or radical and WK will show you when the next review is due for this item.

You can also use user-scripts like The Ultimate Timeline and the Heatmap-scripts to get a more detailed overview on upcoming reviews, compared to the WK review forecast.

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