How do you supplement WK for Kanji?

Specifically looking for N1 holders here. I find that in daily reading I still find tons of kanji that I have not learned on WK. I’m looking to finally pass this Dec.

溢 is one that comes to mind I saw yesterday. Jisho says its a common word/kanji and I’m not certain but I’m sure this is Jouyou. Do you guys just pick them up through reading and try to remember them?

I don’t have N1, but it’s not joyo (source). Jisho also says that it’s Jinmeiyo, rather than Joyo.

溢れる is a common word on Jisho, yes, but it also says “usually written using kana”

I’m not sure there are really that many kanji outside of WK that you need for N1. What I would focus more on is covering readings and vocab that WK didn’t cover among the kanji that are on here.

For instance, 復興

If you’re level 60 you should be able to take a stab at it. But the options will definitely include both ふっこう and ふっきょう.

Those are the kinds of things that N1 is gonna get you on.

Definitely not anywhere near N1, but whenever I encounter a kanji (or vocab for that matter) that I don’t know yet, I look it up and put it into the SRS app of my choice :slight_smile:

It’s never a bad idea to learn through SRS imo.

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