How do you silence the idiot in your head?

Here’s a fun link for anyone wanting to look at System 1 (Reactionary Brain) and System 2 (Higher Brain) called The Science of Thinking by Veritasium in case you don’t want to read a page:

Let’s just say my first thought was not to put this as a topic on the community board.

I mean, you’re right. I’ve just noticed I’ve been burning out a lot faster and having to take levels much slower and more methodically since the kanjis have not been clicking with the movement from System 2 to System 1 without being lost completely. Sometimes the mnemonic provided or the one I come up with has to be studied as intensively as a kanji for me to remember it since trying to rout memorize a kanji these past few levels have led to complete visual confusion to where System 1 has actually completely swapped 約 and 幻 when I see them since illusion was added into the mix. Maybe I never knew it in the first place since I know the meaning only from 約束 combined since I had a very hard time remembering the pool radical.

To pull from CDR:

The harsh reality might be that I just have to accept this as my learning process and I never really “learned” the kanji past the mnemonic phase and will push a good amount of my materials from Master/Enlightenment to Apprentice II or so. Bite the bullet and just push through materials through a rapidly expanding Apprentice list. (Add oh woe is me for emphasis with a concert hall full of violins)

The best way to describe it is an ear worm on loop of a song with misheard lyrics or a “Quick! Don’t think of a banana!” problem. I’m not able to come up with the right answer with System 2 refusing to stop redirecting itself to System 1.

One way I have been able to overcome this is to refresh the review and skip the word I don’t know and come back to it later since genius occurs only in showers, on toilets, and 2 seconds before drifting to sleep.

Why not? I’ve heard crazier things. Even if it doesn’t actually do anything, the placebo effect is 100% real and the momentary pause could help gather my thoughts by focusing on another activity now that I am thinking about it while typing this reply.

Edit: I will say that streaming study sessions has helped. I need to get back to making time to do that.


You may just need to tweak your system. System 2 uses the mnemonics to learn the kanji through the apprentice levels but only during lessons and the post review summary screen. System 1 is the filter that does reviews and screens out the ones it hasn’t internalized.

Rinse and repeat.


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