How do you score yourself with the official JLPT workbooks?

If anyone has used the official JLPT workbooks, how do you score yourself with those after finishing the practice test?

I used the official JLPT N4 workbook volume 2 (which is a collection of old test questions, and got 51/70 correct on the first two sections, and 15/28 on the listening section which makes a raw score of 66/98 total, but from what I’ve read, different questions are weighed differently in terms of difficulty, so I don’t know how to convert my raw score to a scale score.
I did a proportion 66/98 = x/180 and got x= 121, so I guess my score would be 121/180, but I don’t know how accurate that is given that the real test is scored a bit differently. Regardless, my overall score (66/98) seems to be 67% correct overall and I wonder if that would be enough to secure a low pass or not on the real exam.


Hopefully someone with more experience will answer but my understanding is that the weighting is opaque and based on statistical models. Quoting Wikipedia:

Passing is based on scaled scores calculated using item-response theory so that equivalent performance on tests from different years and different levels of difficulty yields the same scaled score

As such I don’t think there’s a meaningful way for you to apply the same algorithm in isolation.

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Yeah, the official scoring system is only applicable on the real tests because it depends on how everybody else taking the tests does on each question. So for anything else you’re guessing rather (and whether the specific book you’re using is easier/harder than the average test question also affects things). Some practice books have a marking scheme that allots more points to longer reading questions to simulate a bit of this.

Remember also that each subsection of the test has its own minimum score requirement – it looks like your score on listening was noticeably lower than the rest, so focusing on that would probably help both on overall score and to make sure you’re above that minimum.