How do you say "Daylight Savings Time" in Japanese?

I usually say something like "今日アメリカは一時間遅れてになった”, but does anyone know if there is a word for daylight savings time?

I know they don’t have daylight savings time in Japan currently.

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I saw news bit about this on TV. I believe daylight savings time is called サマータイム

(This is how I imagine saying what you were writing in the OP).


I’ve always heard 夏時間, but サマータイム does exist too.


Sweet thanks y’all!!! It’s nice having a word/phrase to use instead of explaining vaguely .

Yeah, if it weren’t for morning news talk show (I don’t usually watch TV, so I don’t know the program’s name or network) mentioning that there was a possibility that the government would reimplement “サマータイム” and had a live poll about it, I don’t think I would’ve ever learned the word. Because it was nearing the end of the summer, and I suspected why that term was being used.

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Aha. Sometime those tv programs can be pretty useful! Thanks for the wiki link too :slight_smile:

side note, but this feels weird grammatically… i think better would be:



Thanks, appreciate the advice :grin:!!!


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Wikipedia says:

夏時間 (なつじかん)または サマータイム (英: summer time)、 デイライト・セービング・タイム (米: daylight saving time (DST)、直訳: 日光節約時間 (にっこうせつやくじかん)。カナダ、オーストラリアでも用いる)

So yeah, 夏時間 seems to be the term Wikipedia editors would expect to be the most intuitive.

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