How do you remember synonyms, or keep them apart?

Quite. It’s what I keep telling other people who think there’s a 1 on 1 relationship between a word in one language and a word in another language. :wink: Different languages have different concepts and “translations” are just an informed approximation.

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Happened to me again … “request/wish” is another of those concepts that seem to have quite a number of ways of saying them in Japanese. :slight_smile:

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The fact that “please” is listed as an alternative makes me think that it would be 願い. It’s funny that two close relatives are listed as incorrect, but the not this one, which also seems like a big hint.
Similarly, in the OP 感 is listed but not 感じ which is very suspicious :stuck_out_tongue:

Not funny, but simply the way the app works. Once you guessed a synonym, but not the vocab actually expected, it becomes listed as a hint. What amazes me in some cases is how many synonyms there are for some concepts (and how many I can actually come up with before hitting on the correct one! :O).

I do think you’re right however. It was 感じ in the one case and 願い in the other that was expected.


Also, it has to be a suru verb, some of those can be crossed out already.

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You’re right, I suppose I should pay attention to that hint. :slight_smile:

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