How do you quickly input kanji like 姪 and 甥?

Hi, I’m using mozc for Japanese input, and it’s pretty good for most cases, it also learns pretty quickly and gives good suggestions. However, when it comes to relatively rare kanji that have large amount of homonyms I find it very hard to input what I want. The two kanji in the subject are extreme examples of that, the first one comes as a suggestion under #35, while the second under #24. So every time I have to input them when doing exercises (not on wanikani) I have to go through a long list to find them. What I was wondering is whether anyone has an advice to approach this problem, how can you quickly input kanji like that?

They were both in the first page of the dropdown list for the standard Microsoft IME I use. That’s better than most times I’m trying to type common readings, it seems. And obviously now they’ll appear even higher because I used them recently.

You just typed めい and おい respectively?

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On the Mac IME they were number 6 and 7, respectively.

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