How do you pronounce 「・」?

For better or worse, I tend to vocalize (or sub-vocalize) everything I read. When I read definitions in japanese, the definition sometimes has 「・」and it bothers me that I don’t know how to pronounce it.

On jisho I see なかぐろ and なかぽつ, while Wikipedia also mentions なかてん and くろまる. And Wikipedia seems to say that it can be pronounced as just 「てん」or「ぼつ」. Does anyone know the most common way to pronounce this?

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It’s nothing. It’s like a comma. You don’t worry about those, right?

Like you said, it has a name, but in definitions it functions like a comma would in an English definition, listing nouns, etc.

Here’s one I just happened to have open for 強行.

無理・障害の多いことを思い切って行うこと。 「悪天候の中で大会を-する」 「 -採決」

You just say むり (pause) しょうがいのおおいことをおもいきっておこなうこと

In spoken Japanese, this would probably be や, so you can say that if you really want to.

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Ah, I see. Thanks!

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