How Do You Learn to Type Japanese?

So, I use a PC to use this website, and if it became the time for me to have to type Japanese how would I do it on my PC? Would I need to download some sort of Keyboard etc?


No, you can just type it in the English alphabet. It will convert your input automatically to hiragana for the readings.

Or do you mean if you want to type Japanese in the forums and such? Like これはペンです。or something? Yes, you would need to activate a Japanese keyboard. For Mac, this is built-in; don’t know about Windows though…

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Like as in auto correct?

You’ll have to install an IME. In your language settings you can add languages, and in your keyboard settings you can choose keyboard languages. Then you can toggle between languages by using some shorthand keys, or a icon on your taskbar.


Okay, Thank you.

(Might be a bit out-of-date, but the procedure should still be largely the same.)

And then:


Thank you! I was wondering how I could do that and you just solved weeks of research!



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