How do the progress bars on the profile work?

So I checked my profile kanji and vocab progress and apparently they are both at 99%, although I’m not sure exactly what the criteria for them are.

A while ago I assumed it was because I hadn’t guru’d all my level 60 items, but now I’ve guru’d everything so it can’t work the same as the level progress bar on the dashboard. Is it based on overall item SRS levels, so those 22 apprentice items are what’s holding them back?

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My assumption, and it’s only a very rough one, would be that it’s currently sat at like 99.98%, but that it’s coded to require every single item to be guru’d and the progress bar is incapable of moving in a way that reflects increments smaller than a whole number.

That said, that would only be true of it didn’t say 99% when you had more than 70 apprentice items.


Yeah, you have to Guru those 22 items.


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