How do i write 日本 or 日本語 in goroawase?

Hi, i was wondering how is 日本 or 日本語 in goroawase. AFAIK there is no ほ or ん.

According to wikipedia ほ (from ふぉ) is sometimes used for four. ん is often dropped. But ultimately not every word has an easily-understandable 語呂合わせ, so unless this is specifically for making a puzzle, if you went around asking like すみません、245できますか? you’d probably get a lot of confused looks.

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Wikipedia also says “Variants of readings may be produced through consonant voicing or gemination, vowel lengthening, and the insertion of the nasal mora n (ん).”

Sounds like you might just add the ん but I don’t really know…

yeah, i thought of 24 as well, but since there is no 日本 in the wikipedia’s words list i wanted a confirmation. Since 日本 is such an important word i also expected to be easier to find.

The ability to write a word in goroawase has nothing to do with how important it is. Sometimes it just doesn’t translate. Especially if there’s an ん in it.

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I just wanted to know the official way to write it because i want to use it in a future nickname.

If there were some official lists of 教育語呂合わせ、常用語呂合わせ、人名用語呂合わせ, that’d be something else.

Ultimately, if you have to search hard to find one or cook one up, ppl aren’t going to understand it. I’d go for a more recognizable word like 4649.

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What? You mean to say there isn’t a Ministry of Goroawase in Japan?


Found this goroawase generator, but still not helping: 語呂合わせジェネレータ

No? It certainly throws up 日本語 when I enter in 245, though.

However, since it doesn’t throw up よろしく for 4649, サンキュウ for 39, 歯医者 for 813, or even 武蔵 for 634, I find it a little bit suspect.

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i will take that. Thanks.

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