How do I slow down?

I’ve been going pretty fast on WaniKani ~10 days per level, usually less. I haven’t worked a job almost since I started on WaniKani so I’ve been able to stay on the fast track, but now I’ve picked up a job and don’t know how to slow down so that I can worry more about my job. What’s a good way to go about slowing down?


Keep up with reviews, spread out lessons


It also helps to do the same number of lessons every day. When you do that, your workload will level out and become predictable. Doing 20 lessons a day and it’s overwhelming? Try 15 lessons a day instead. And so on.

I generally recommend using [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter as well, so that you can mix kanji and vocab lessons every day. I personally did 3 kanji and 9 vocab lessons most days for my second half of WaniKani, which had me level up about every 14-15 days.


The best way to control the daily workload is managing your apprentice count by doing more or fewer lessons each day. I find that around 80-100 apprentice items leads to a pretty comfortable workload. Keep up with your reviews, DON’T reorder all your radical and kanji lessons to the front, and try to keep your apprentice items at a comfortable number. Try experimenting with it a little bit to figure out what apprentice count suits your needs!


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