How do I revert after changing portrait setting?

It seemed like such a god idea at the time but when I stumbled upon what seemed like an alternative settings page, I unticked an option that said something like “force portrait mode in reviews”. How I wish I had left well enough alone!

I use a tablet for my reviews and when they are now shown in landscape mode I only get to see EITHER the Kanji or Vocabulary or Radical OR I can see what I’m typing. This is really annoying and has led to me making lots of typos. To make things worse the little x which lets you cancel the typo also seems to have disappeared. I did change a few other settings like removing the title bar but for all my searching I cannot find the page where I made these changes.

Sorry if the answer is obvious but I have spent days searching and each day my review queue is getting longer because of the mistakes and my frustration with the display.

How does the old adage go? Don’t mess with things you don’t properly understand. I should have learned by now but apparently not😡.
For the sake of my review queue can someone please help out an old fool (no fool like an old fool! Case proven)

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I don’t know what you’re referring to.

Are you using an app? If so, which one?

What tablet are you using? This is not a WK setting, most probably just your tablet setting.

I’m using a Samsung galaxy tab pro 12.2 model sm-t900 running android 5.1.1.

It’s about 4 years old and I don’t think it will take any of the more recent android version.

The page I made the changes in was very WK specific so I don’t think it could have been local to the tablet.

Thanks for your response

I’m running WK with a chrome browser and also have the android app. Both are affected.
Thanks for checking

WaniKani doesn’t have any official apps and this setting doesn’t exist in the WaniKani settings page. So it must be a setting on the third party app you are using. I doubt this setting ever affected the chrome version, unless you’re using a script manager on your phone too.

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Thanks for the response but it has definitely affected the chrome version on my tablet. I checked the app on my phone and this is not affected so it does look like it has to be local to my tablet.
Still no clue how to fix it or even exactly how I did it. Guess I’ll use my phone until I can find out but much prefer the tablet as the screen on that is much easier to read.

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