How do i put my account back to level 16, after moving it to level 1


I temporarily reset my account to level 1 and now want to put it back to 16, but the drop down menu only has level 1 as selectable, how do i put it back to 16?


You can’t.


They seem to make it pretty clear that resetting is permanent.


why would you want to only temporarily got to level 1?



You can! It’s just going to take about 4 months…


oh well thats ok…


I think we need to tell @koichi

It’s worth it to let him know. :wink:


oh no! I didn’t actually want this to ever happen though :cry:


The thread was a joke, sorry.



It’s not a joke :smirk:
You are an open book to me.


oh my god, thank goodness :crab:


yea… right… You just don’t wanna lose face in front of cute Koichi, don’t you?

Anyway, give him a sect name for that. True story or not.


He did join in 2012… Join and partake for a while, then disappear. Come back and restart, but change mind. “It was a joke, I swear. haha gotcha… stop looking at me:cold_sweat:


The “I reset my level” part is most likely true, judging from the information on their profile. But the “I want back to level 16” part might actually have been a joke


It is unusual to have a paid subscription at level 01. it is consistent with having a paid subscription and then resetting back to 01.


And what you will soon realise: It also resets all of your notes for mnemonics and additional readings.


Well, has that been mentioned in bugs section?

Edit: @tc167, cheers. Had forgotten about that being mentioned there.


It’s not a bug though, it says that’ll happen in the danger zone.