How do I make use of Italki lessons?


Hi Wanikani users,

Like many people studying Japanese I want to improve my speaking and focus most specifically on that area of my study. Because of that I started Italki in order to achieve improve in speaking. My biggest problem however, is how I am so supposed use the lessons effectively. I am supposed to ask the teacher to explain grammar points and ask me questions in which I am supposed to respond using a specific grammar point?
Or I am just supposed to constantly ask the teacher to translate sentences I want to say and note them down for later use?


Good question, I’m in the same boat.


Well, it really depends on the teacher. Some teachers have complete lesson plans that you can just follow as a regular course (that’s what I’m doing right now with an amazing teacher :slight_smile:
But since it is private, whenever I have a particular question that was not supposed to be on the plan, I email her asking if we could cover it next class (or sometimes when it is just a doubt on something specific, I just ask her during the class).
Also, when I gather enough kanjis with similar meaning, I use our class time to ask her the difference (for example, the difference between 地中 and 地下, or 作家 and 作者).
So yeah the important thing is to find a teaching style you like. Teachers on Italki are very flexible. I’m sure you can agree on something that will be good for booth.


@tiagobione Which teacher are you studying with? Can you recommend one, please? :blush:


Hiro Miyamoto on Italki. He’s lessons are the cheapest that I have seen on Italki however he only offers informal tutoring




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