How do I finish Wanikani in 2 years or so?

The second. I’m also doing other things to learn Japanese and want to restrict my time on wanikani to an over or so, because I don’t want to get burned out studying too many hours a day.


Big thanks for clarifying! I think an hour+ on WaniKani daily is doable, but that’s really pushing it and assuming you are able to retain most of the info you learned. As many mentioned before 10-15 lessons a day consistently should get you through WaniKani within 1-2 years.

But since you mentioned you’re studying Japanese with other resources as well, I think 1/3 of the time being devoted to WaniKani would give you enough room for developing in other directions than kanji. You also don’t necessarily have to finish WaniKani if you at some point notice that it doesn’t work well with your other resources. Mostly because A) there is more kanji than WK teaches and B) eventually you may hit diminishing returns on reviews.

Probably a stupid question - but what is the C group?

It’s a reference back to this post. Just needed to follow the trail of breadcrumbs. :slightly_smiling_face:


To finish a level in about 8 days (this does allow for some mistakes, you don’t have to be perfect) you should do all your radicals and kanji in the first day or two of the level, and then you can slowly work through vocab lessons as the level goes on. It’s okay if it doesn’t feel like it sticks while you’re doing the lessons, the first few times you review your kanji it’s not too big a deal to get them wrong, so it’s alright to just kind of power through them. I finished in a year and a half and the work wasn’t that bad, though it slowly increases as you go on.

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I finished Wanikani in just over two years and consistently did about an hour a day. You can see the details on my Level 60 post:

The relevant graph for a typical week:

Some days near the end were longer but since I did 3 sessions per day a single session was never more than maybe 25m.

I think the biggest factors for speed outside of accuracy are daily split sessions and consistency.


same here a stupid question but what is a C-group?

Do you by any chance remember how youve pulled out this data? I dont think ive ever seen anyone provide more detailed breakdown than just “it took me x hours in total”

I’m only lvl 7 now but so far all lessons were done in 7 or 8 days. So far that’s perfectly doable, I also do both KameSame and KaniWani (only for guru and higher level words) to do them from english to japanse. I think that helps a lot in remembering.

So with this tempo I should be done within 1.5 years, but I’m not sure if things will get more difficult later on, taking more time.

I’m not in rush but I simply really enjoy Wanikani and learning new vocab.

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Well this really sucks. Why can’t they just give option to get radical and kanji lessons first? Now users are forced to risk their privacy and use stuff like Tamper monkey, that collects information. Some people consider it was safe before but not anymore. Only choice Wanikani gives, is to do lessons in shuffled order to get radicals of kanji earlier. Of course I can do the 120+ lessons at one go, but well that’s just too much for most people I think. I think this is just bad customer service.

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so regardless of the amount of apprentice itens you do 12 lessons every single day?

… + Math.random() * content_addition_time_coefficient

I exclusively used the Tsurukame App so that’s just my phone’s graph of how long I used the app each day.

That plus WKStats really helped me keep things in context. I’d feel like I had a rough week with long sessions only to find that I’d actually spent less time than average and had higher accuracy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t save the information unless I needed a screenshot for a post.

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Ahh i see, thanks for the reply! I have some general idea (i do see total time on the heatmap script and i can check specific days too, looks to be around 50 min a day), but i hoped i could break that down into days of week or some other cool info, oh well

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When I started using WaniKani this past summer I was trying to get through one level a week, but when I started my second year of grad school I fell so far behind because I wasn’t making time to study. Now, I typically set aside an hour each day to do 10 lessons among studying grammar from other sources. I am currently at level 15, and I am honestly pretty proud of getting this far. Like others have said, try to shoot for 10-15 lessons a day so as to set a good pace but also not overload yourself. You got this!


just 20 minutes the hack? Where u fluent besides kanji? At my best performence i need atleast 40 minutes.


Basically yes. I do 15 new lessons per day. I will occasionally (maybe once per week) do 10 or 20 instead if the material is especially easy or hard. I try to keep my number in Apprentice under 100, but I don’t worry about it too much. Mostly I just want to keep up a steady and predictable pace.

My biggest piece of advice if you actually want to finish in a reasonable amount of time is 1. yes, do about 15 lessons a day…but 2. most important…keep a strict habit. No matter what. Feeling sad, too bad do your reviews today, goldfish died, too bad do your reviews today. Price of butter got you down, you got the idea…It’s too tempting to use daily life circumstances to break your habit…but the habit is what will carry you through…every day at least once a day…preferably twice…doesn’t take much time if you’re doing it consistently every single day…


What constitutes as a lesson? like a single kanji? What if somebody just does all the lessons available at any given time, and goes that way? how fast can you finish the whole wk