How do I do a REAL reset?

I want to start from zero, as if I’d never used WaniKani before. I tried this a couple of years ago, and for reasons I don’t understand, a lot of my burned items remained, er, burned. In other words, I was back at level one, but there were a lot (hundreds) of items which still showed as burned, or I blew through items more quickly than I should have because when they showed up, I was already “enlightened” (and I most assuredly was not). Is there a way to ensure that I really get all the way back to Zero?

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Just do a normal reset to Level 1. If anything goes wrong, email and I’m sure they’ll fix it… and I’m sure they’ll be glad to know about the issue. (Or if they’re already aware, they’ll have another instance to use in tracking down the issue.)

It should also be easy for one of the scripters (myself included) to come up with a quick query to make sure everything was reset to the beginning… assuming you are either already running the Open Framework script, or you are willing to do so at least temporarily.


Thanks. I’ll go ahead and give it another try, then.

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do a Pacifist run of WaniKani no just do what rfindley-さん said, that’ll probably work.

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