How do I deal with having 120+ lessons?

I haven’t been doing lessons for a while because I’ve never felt like I’m awake enough I’d actually remember them but now they’ve piled up and I have 126 to do and it’s so many that it seems impossible, how do I deal with this and actually start and get them done with when there’s so many?


Don’t worry about the number, just set an amount you want to get done per day. I do about 20 per day, but you can go as low as 3-5 per day. They’ll get done eventually!


Yeah, just pick a number and do that many lessons every day. If you’d like a mix of radicals, kanji, and vocab to learn together, you can check out this script.


It’s ok if you don’t remember them right away! That’s kinda the point of the SRS. Some will stick better than others, and some will come up in your review queue seemingly forever. Just do a few a day until they’re cleared.


I agree with @Chellykins Don’t worry too much about everything sticking at once. The SRS of WK will make you repeat those items until you do.

To not feel overwhelmed, however, just do a fixed number per day until the pile is gone. :slight_smile:

You can do it! 頑張れ!



I do 20 lessons every day and it seems slow, but optimal for my life schedule.

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Just remember that, by the time all is said and done, every lesson you do yields a minimum of 8 reviews before it’s burnt. It’ll take a few months before they all arrive, but still: Be kind to future you who will strain and ache under the reviews. :slight_smile:


In a good week, I can usually manage about 20 lessons total. I usually have the most time to study at night and, like you, I usually feel like I’m too sleepy to remember what I’ve studied. But like others have said, the SRS will keep throwing it back in your face until you eventually get it. :sweat_smile: It’s a lot slower, yeah, but it’s better than totally burning out trying to do 20 lessons a day and then getting overwhelmed with reviews later. :woman_shrugging:

Maybe do like 3 lesson batches two or three times a week? Chip away at it slowly, it’s not a race! :star:

I end up with 100+ lessons after every level up, it seems. I just do 14 each day (sometimes skipping days) until the backlog is cleared. Whatever settings I have also give me the vocab for guru’d kanji first before giving me the new radicals/kanji for the level so I can’t get too far ahead of myself and end up with just stacks of vocab to catch up on.

Just work through it. I do 20 a day pretty consistently. If I’m having a particularly busy day, I may skip lessons but always do my reviews. It keeps me at just under 100 apprentice items, which feels like a good place to be.

Once I got in the 20s, the workload got crazy, I worked hard to catch up just have another 100+ lessons piled on every ~7 days. I stopped worrying about it and now have about 400 lessons piled up, but my reviews are cleared everyday. I add lessons when I can, but I cherry pick vocab items via that new ios app. That way I can make sure I get some usage exposure to each kanji without a lot of redundancy, but I will get to all of the vocab lessons eventually.

I totally feel you, especially when its a million vocab and you just want to get to kanji. I personally break down my lessons by how many vocab, kanji, and radicals I have and pace from there. Have 80 vocab specifically to get through? I’ll do 20 a day for 4 days, then i get excited because I can do radicals next which I find easier! Then by day 6 or 7 you are ready for new kanji! Breaking it down mentally by type makes it feel like there’s less to drudge through and you have shorter landmarks to meet before you’re allowed to feel a sense of accomplishment.

The SRS of WK will make you repeat those items until you do

It will, but you will have to answer the same questions over and over. Reminds me a bit of the guy trying to cut down trees with a bland saw. Someone comes by and asks we he doesn’t sharpen the saw first so cutting the trees would be much faster. You will probably guess the answer: “I can’t - I’m busy cutting trees”.

One of the first SRS solutions, if not THE first was Supermemo. First thing they told its users was “if you don’t understand it, don’t learn it. It is just a waste of time”.

The SRS is a great tool, but don’t forget to look at an visualize the mnemonics. Before I took the time to really look into meanings and readings AND use Kaniwani and write all the kanji my workload was much higher than it ist now.

First decision: how quickly do you want to aim at for leveling up?
If you want to level up as quickly as possible, from the first time you learn a kanji to the review to guru it up is around 4 days or so.

If you want ALL your vocabulary to be in review by then, you would need to do the math for 120/4=30 per day, and on the 4th day, when you would get the NEXT batch of vocabulary, you would want to have the lessons cleared before the hour you level up. This gets to be brutal but if you can manage it, good on you!

If your goal is 16 days on a level, you would have 8 days to do the 120 so 120/8=15 a day.

I have found that I want to try to maintain no more than 10 days per level if possible. I make sure I take my incorrect answers as incorrect and learn appropriately. Sometimes I can pull off 8 days per level, others I have gone as high as 11. But I aim at 10 days so 120/5=24 per day.

Generally I do 20 lessons a day and all my reviews 3 times minimum per day because I want to be done and I want to know Kanji finally. But that’s ME.

I usually feel like I’m too sleepy to remember what I’ve studied

Some of the kanji and vocab I remember most vividly are the ones I learned just before I was knocked out for the night.

Everyone is different, of course.

I mentioned this before on another post, but I love having a large lesson pile. I like to do a fixed number of lessons per day and hate running out of lessons (it makes me feel like I’m stagnating when I have to wait for a level up to unlock more lessons). So the larger the lesson pile, the happier I am.
How to deal? One set of 5 at a time.

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