How do I become better than Leebo?

Hey guys! I know this is hard to achieve, but he’s the guy that’s most of the time answering to my questions, accurately… so Leebo, if you’re reading this… How did you become proficient at Japanese? Give me some tips man! What resources did you use? Why do you look like such a pro?

By the way… thanks for helping me all of the time!

Has someone else be helped by Leebo this much?


Leebo will probably come in to provide some encouraging words and tell you how to become better than Leebo, but this is the one case where you shouldn’t listen to Leebo.

No one can become better than Leebo. Leebo is just an alternate word for the “+1” in “n+1,” the concept of a learner better than you, showing you a hint of the next level. We’ve collectively imagined this concept into a poster who is always willing to answer questions, but the real Leebo is in you. We should all be chasing our Leebos each day, knowing–celebrating–the fact that we’ll never catch up.


That’s a really nice answer. I hope I could make some kind of contact with him just to let him know how much he has helped me in this journey of learning japanese. I hope he sees this. Leeebo, thanks a lot!

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You don’t.


Yeah… that’s not the answer I was expecting… :pensive: Has he helped you before?

Haha, it can’t be that hard. I’m not an expert, just fond of trying to explain things.


Man, I keep on understanding things just because of you… I don’t even know how is it that you’re available at almost any hour… I like to think you’re studying all of the time… hahaha


Man, just let me know if this is the case or not, so that I can have a reference point of how much to push myself…

To @Leebo then


Is this your crusade now? Searching for months old topics about me to troll?

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Necro’ing a thread after 9 months for what seems to be solely making a dig at another user without contributing to the topic is not in keeping with the forum rules.

There is a mute user function that you can use if someone bothers you so much that you can’t simply ignore them. If a user oversteps the rules in their conduct towards you, you can flag the comments in question for mod review.


Lmao how badly did you piss this guy off

What did you do


Couldn’t tell ya. One guy wanted me to die that one time though, so this is fairly low key.


Damn, where are all the people wanting me to die

Why does leebo get all the attention >:(


Maybe you should reset to level 5. :thinking: That might be it.


But then how will I feel superior to everyone else :woozy_face:

Which, to answer the OP, clearly by being level 50+ you are better than leebo.

Source: I am better than leebo



I see how this is going…

Time to go make a “How do I become more hated than Leebo?” thread so I can get ahead in the new race.

Just kidding, Leebo. We all love you. <3 :]


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