How could I say "That's life, I did the best I could" in Japanese?

I’m just starting to learn Japanese and really it got me completely into it. Just that I want to ask for your opinion on how to say these two expressions in Japanese. If you could help I am really grateful!!!

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Maybe for “that’s life,” しかたない

For I did the best I could, ベストをつくした

I suppose? Keeping it fairly simple.


Thank you so muchhhh!!! I tried the simpliest form for those two, but ended up way longer than I had expected lol.

しょうがない might also be of interest? Translates to “It can’t be helped”


Trying to translate a phrase directly can be done, but often doesn’t work. It’s usually better to focus on the idea you’re trying to convey instead.

しょうがない or しかたがない which are both common phrases that mean something like “it can’t be helped” stand out to me as the idea you’re trying to get across.


セラヴィ :stuck_out_tongue:


Alternatively you could use 人生オワタ (じんせいおはた)\(^o^)/slang; (my) life is over. In the instance you make an embarrassing blunder. Maybe that’s a stretch for it’s usage. @Leebo would know.

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Generally speaking I don’t really go near anything that would involve people using Internet slang, so I don’t know what the bounds are. Just wanted to note, the hiragana is おわた though.


Thank you very much!!!

thank you for helping me hehe

For the “I did the best I could” what about 「精一杯頑張りました」(せいいっぱいがんばりました)
It’s a fairly common phrase.
I agree that 「仕方がない」(しかたがない)or「しょうがない」would likewise be common ways to convey the “that’s life” kind of sentiment.

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How about
それは生活です. 一所懸命頑張った. (それは生活です. いっしょけんめいがんばりました.)

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