How common is おつんちょ

Is おつんちょ or つんちょ a common way to say goodbye to a person who leave for supper?

You’re going to have to be more clear on where this came from.

So I was watching a Japanese streamer and when they said they would leave for supper, many viewers wrote in the chat “おつんちょ”. From my googling ability, I deciphered that it means “diner”. However it’s the first time I’ve seen this word in use so I was wondering how common is it.

Ahh, in Net-slang, おつ(which you also hear as おつん and a few other varities, sometimes also written as 乙) is slang for お疲れ様. As to what the ちょ is, I’m not sure exactly but it’s not fundamentally changing the meaning here.

More importantly, this is basically just net or 2ch-speak.


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