How can I stop the notifications on my own (wiki) post?

Did you look into changing the owner of the post?

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I’m getting the distinct impression that he didn’t even read the thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


We did. They told us to either:

  1. Delete the post.
  2. Mute the user

Both of which do not work in my case, and I’m guessing @Shiawase’s, because we made the threads in question in order to be helpful, and the people who are linking these threads are lovely people with whom we would like to continue talking to.

So then CodingHorror supplied me with option 3: Ask the admin here to put a non-human user as the owner of the thread, so us humans aren’t pestered with endless link notifications.

You can see the thread here:

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The owner of a thread is always the person who posted the first post. So no, there is no way to transfer ownership to someone else. Your only options are to have a mod delete the thread completely.

@Shiawase, any luck? Did it get taken care of for your helpful thread?

Nah, but it’s alright. Plus I can’t just have it be deleted-then-reproduced by someone else either, because the comments would be gone from the original…