How can i know my level?


I ve unsuscibed 1 years ago. Do you know how i can know my level?


You’re level 6. I know it because I’m a wizard.


It’s 6 right now.


Thanks guys.

I know it s what is written next to my avatar… but i could have swear i was at least 10. :s

That’s good news then ^^ It means you have more to learn \o/


Actualy i think some level updates mays have changed my level…

There haven’t been that many major changes in the last year.

… Are you trying to sweet-talk us into saying you have a higher level? Oh whoops, we all misread, it’s actually 60.

What’s more likely, that Koichi’s evil twin came and knocked you back a few levels, or that you’ve simply not remembered what level you were a year ago?

Jeez relax, whats wrong?

Do you remember having learned any of these level 7 kanji? If they seem familiar then something weird might be going on with your level. If not, you are level 6.

Either way: just get started and even if you reset back to level 1 you’ll be at level 10 soon enough :slight_smile:

辺 Area
付 Attach
札 Bill
鳥 Bird
黒 Black
船 Boat
以 By Means Of
必 Certain
末 End
氏 Family Name
失 Fault
魚 Fish
組 Group
家 House
欠 Lack
未 Not Yet
紙 Paper
通 Pass Through
民 Peoples
由 Reason
理 Reason
校 School
雪 Snow
強 Strong
夏 Summer
高 Tall
時 Time
弱 Weak
週 Week
風 Wind
記 Write Down
黄 Yellow


I think i would remember if i have reached level 60 lol.

Thanks for the kanji list. Most of them are familiar but i have learned from other sources then.

I think i must be really level 6, i just can’t remember.

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