How accurately drawn do kanji lines need to be?

I’ve decided to start trying to learn how to draw some kanji (using a digital tablet, since if I ever needed to draw a kanji to look it up or write it in a comic that’s what I’d use rather than paper) but the nuances of the lines are really hard to get right.
Is it important to get it exact or should I just be focusing on the size/line order?

(For reference, the top half of the image are traced, whereas the bottom half are free drawn)


If you’re worrying about having a slight curve to the line… no that doesn’t matter at all. Drawing a perfectly horizontal line for 一 is perfectly fine.

If you some day want to study ペン字 or something, you can worry about adding little flourishes.


The main point of calligraphy studies is just to learn how the kanji works, so that your hand writting can still be recognizable (in theory)

You don’t need to be super close unless you’re doing professional arts, you just need to know how the kanji works, as your handwritting will slowly stylize it as you write faster.

Especially not from the one. Most people i see just do a straight line