Houhou question

Hey all,

I installed Houhou yesterday (trying to read a Japanese novel and there’s a bunch of vocab and expressions I’ve never seen before) and added around 30 items for an easy start.

Thing is, when I try to open Houhou now, nothing happens. My laptop let me know I have 30 reviews waiting but I can’t access them. I tried solving it with Windows but the farthest I got was the question if I wanted to allow Houhou to make changes. After I clicked yes, still nothing.

Has anyone ever had this before? Am I better off reinstalling and being thankful I at least didn’t lose an entire novel worth of interesting items?

Why not ask in the actual HouHou thread where you downloaded HouHou?

Just a heads up:
If you have a technical issue or anything else that requires follow up, please contact me by mail at hello@houhou-srs.com.
If you just want to give feedback or feature ideas, then either send me a mail at that same address or post in the Houhou thread on WaniKani.

Marescha sent me a mail and we’re working on solving the issue. :slight_smile: