Hotdog's diary/study log 🌭

Need to put all my thoughts, goals, updates, etc into one place, and since I never leave here come here often, it should be the most effective place.

For the sake of organization, I’ll be updating the original post, in addition to adding new comments.

Current daily routine

Wanikani: 2 kanji, 8 vocab
Quartet 1: follow along with WK study group
Read >30 minutes
Listen to something
Kamesame: reviews and some new lessons


Quartet 1 and 2 Study Group
Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2023

Current goals

Wanikani level 28, by December 31
Finish Quartet 1, sometime in February 2024

Past goals

WK level 10, by September 2022: :heavy_check_mark:
WK level 20, by December 31 2022: :heavy_check_mark:
Finish Genki 1 by September 2022: :heavy_check_mark:
Finish Genki 2 by December 31 2022: :heavy_multiplication_x:
Finish The Jam Maker, Akiko’s Foreign Exchange, and one other story, by December 31: :heavy_check_mark:

Currently reading/watching/etc

The Way of the Househusband
JJK (weekly episodes)
The Japan Foundation

Completed books/games/etc

Chainsaw Man (anime) December 2022
とらドラ (anime) March 2023
よつばと volume 1 September 2023
The Jam Maker October 2023
Akiko’s American Foreign Exchange November 2023
Kiki Mimi Radio November 2023
よつばと volume 2 November 2023

Want to read/watch

Spy x Family season 2
Jigokuraku (japanese name to avoid upsetting the crabigator with bad words)

Other goals

Get a better sleep schedule
Exercise more
Drink more water
Actually play my ukulele
Stop sleeping with a fan on. My ears have been ringing since 2009.

Progress updates
March 16 2023

WK level: 28
Quartet chapter: 1
Taking a break from WK to focus on grammar, listening, and recall.

September 4 2023

After a four month break, I reset to level 20, and continued at a pace of two kanji + max eight vocab per day. I’m spending a lot less time on WK and anki, and more on Satori Reader. I’ve also stopped Bunpro for the time being.

November 14 2023

WK level: 25
Quartet chapter: 3
Completely stopped using Anki and switched to Kamesame, which I feel is much more effective. Writing is getting easier. Listening… eh, still my worst skill. It’s been three months now since I reset, and I really like doing two kanji and eight vocab per day. I’ll have to stay on top of this pace though if I want to get to level 28 by the end of the year.

Writing prompts

What are your favorite hobbies?
What’s your favorite season?
What’s your favorite movie or tv show?
Do you prefer anime or manga?
What were you like as a child?
If you could teach future children one lesson, what would it be?
What topics are not adequately addressed in school today, and why are they important?
Do you like any sports? What’s your favorite team?
Between reading, writing, listening, and speaking, which do you think is your strongest skill? Which is your weakest, and how do you plan to improve it?
Are we killing our planet? How can we save it?
Do you think we depend on technology too much?
What’s your greatest fear?
Are you religious? Why do you follow that religion?
Who do you consider your role model and why?
What was your upbringing like?
Is education or experience more important?
Do you think the drinking age should be raised in your country?
What other languages do you want to learn and why?
What hair color do you like best?
What color clothes do you like to wear?
What kind of weather do you like?
What is your love language, and which love language do you prefer in a partner?
Do actions speak louder than words?
What brutally honest advice would you give to someone who wants to visit your hometown/country?
What is your favorite holiday?
Do you think smoking in public should be banned?
What are your pet peeves?
What is/was your favorite subject in school?
What do you do when you lose power?
Do you exercise? How often?
Do you get sunburned, or tan?
Describe a season using the five senses.
What is public transport like in your city? Do you use it? Could it be improved?
Talk about your pet(s).
What are the seasons like in your country?


Gotta be careful about fan death.


I’m reading the Jam Maker, too!

Nice writing prompts. FYI is a great place to get corrections


What chapter are you on? I’m around chapter 10, and I really liked learning all the fruit and herb names.

Langcorrect looks perfect! It’s exactly what I need right now.


That’s about where I am, I just started #12. I’m enjoying the foodie words, too :slight_smile:

Did you read Kiki Mimi Radio yet? If not, I recommend that one next after you finish this one. It’s a great story and is what got me reading more consistently on Satori.


How are you finding Quartet? (are you following on from Genki?)

I dunno if I just wasn’t in the right headspace but even the first chapter was kicking my butt so I’ve put in on the back burner for a couple of weeks.


I love Quartet! There’s so much practice that it really drives it’s lessons home. I’m at the end of chapter 1, the routine was a little confusing but that’s to be expected when starting anything new. The way I did it was, questions & reading → grammar → writing → workbook → speaking → listening. For the next chapter I’m going to try grammar → questions & reading → workbook → writing → listening → speaking.

How far did you make it? Since we’re around the same spot, we could always talk about it together. It is quite a bit harder than Genki, but I think that it’s also a bit of a mental hurdle too. When I look at a long block of text, my brain immediately tries to psych itself out and I have to beat it into submission. (Also I’ve shamelessly used DeepL to translate some of the practice questions.)


Iirc, I read the first chapter and then decided that three stories at once was Too Much™️ for my goldfish brain. Once I’m finished with Akiko or Jam Maker, that will be the next story I start!

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All I looked at was chapter 1, did the free form pre-questions bit (I posted one in the sentence everyday thread), read the article about Hayao Miyazaki, then started reading the first bits of grammar. Funnily enough, the reading bit wasn’t really an issue, I enjoyed the challenge.

I also watch the Tokini Andy videos along with the text book (like I did with Genki), but nothing stuck in my head. As I said, I think my head was just in the wrong place.

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Yeah, when you’re mind is preoccupied with something else, or going through a slump, things don’t stick like they should. At one time I tried to do WK lessons in the middle of a stressful situation, and remembered absolutely nothing…


Finished Quartet chapter 1 and Toradora today. I was kinda dissapointed with the end of Toradora, I wanted a more dramatic confession. But I still loved the overall rollercoaster of “They like each other! Oh wait, no they dont…” Now starting Trigun Stampede, which I had planned on avoiding like the plague, but the general consensus is that its good, so :crossed_fingers:


A few months ago I read 広場 in Satori Reader, it didn’t seem like a common or useful word so I didn’t bother making a flashcard. I assumed I would forget it. It just showed up in a game, and I recognized it immediately.

Immersion>>>>>>>>>>everything else


I don’t think I can get over the artstyle. /:

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The movements seems so unnatural, it’s gonna take some getting used too. And my brother said he won’t watch it because he doesn’t like Vash’s hair.

Decided to read a cute story about Halloween, and the very first sentence gave me whiplash:

Sorry かぼちゃん, you’re not leaving there alive…


Update: it’s not going well lol. I haven’t done any lessons or reviews on Bunpro in days, I have over 200 WK reviews, and haven’t touched Quartet, all because my stupid ADD brain wants to hyperfocus on literally anything else.

Me: we’re going to learn some grammar today
Monke brain: no we need to go to the beach and look at starfish and read about clams all day

I should really get back on medication…


Can’t say I blame it. :beach_umbrella:


Reading The Jam Maker through my tears right now.

Also I finished the first volume of よつばと, I ordered the complete set and it should be here by Friday :+1:


Look what came two days early!


yyyeees that was me, too
Nice yotubato stack! がんばって!

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