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Hi @leebo,

Stuck with my daughter’s homework and thought you might like the challenge.


I couldn’t even read the first kanji on the page (it’s Kanken level pre-1), so I asked my girlfriend.

She says 23 across is コブ, not ケガ. And then 20 down is ラブ. But she said that you have to know about a particular celebrity’s catchphrase to get it right.

Maybe 11 across is ロマン?

Didn’t double check any of the others yet.

I don’t know much Japanese pop culture, so that kind of stuff is going to be out of my league.


That made me realize that 横 (“side”, WK lvl 10) also means “Horizontal”.
The rest seems out of reach to me …


Considering it has to start with ロマ, I don’t think it can be anything else.

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I just don’t know what it means (夢とロマン), so that’s why the question mark.

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I don’t know but I like it. Just trying to read the clues - some I have no chance of knowing the answers because they seem like pop culture references? But I could figure out Christmas Cake. :smiley:


It’s kind of a set phrase, I think. I’ve seen a lot of 夢とロマンの…
(Well, コアラ mostly)

Thanks. My ten-year old’s fifth grade homework. Hadn’t even heard of that celebrity.

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