"Homework" correction outside of university?

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I dropped out of university over a year and a half ago where I visited a japanese language class. I finally started learning again, starting with wanikani to improve my kanji reading. Now I’m thinking about starting with Genki again and practice my writing. My problem here is: I often do things incorreclty (shocking, I know :slight_smile: ) and it helped me tremendously that my teacher would correct my written japanese. So:

How can I let correct someone my homework? Should I buy a scanner to send my written notes? Do it digitally? Where can I find someone who is willing to correct on a regular basis? How much would it cost?

As you can see, many questions :slight_smile:

The genki textbook and workbook has a answer key you can buy separately. It is also easy to find for free online in PDF form. It’s what I have used when doing the Genki practice questions

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There’s a lot of tutors on italki who can help you check your stuff. Cost will depend on the teacher but will be around $10-20 per hour. Some teachers will be willing to check your homework offline, so it won’t count towards the hour you pay for.

I usually write my homework in Google Docs and share it with the tutor giving them comment permission. This way you will see their corrections in a different color and your mistakes will be crossed out. A terrific tool.

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As the answer key was already mentioned :wink:

As long as you have a mobile phone, you’re fine! There are a lot of Apps that can turn pictures of your notes into PDFs. Or you could just send pictures of your notes. I don’t think it would be necessary to spend a lot of money on a scanner for that purpose :slight_smile:

Edit: There was also a thread on the forum where some people worked through the Genki books together. Maybe some of the questions that will come up working through the books are already answered there.
Otherwise you might find someone to help you there :slight_smile:

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