HOLYSHIT when did KaniWani become badass?


Woah this is awesome now.


I can’t tell if this is a joke implying these forums are KW, or if you’re talking about all the updates to KW recently.


Come on, it doesn’t seem like a trap, just take the compliment. You don’t need to be so on edge about everything.


I was about to comment “I’m even more confused??” Until I realized it is 3:15 AM and I probably stopped being able to comprehend sentences about 3 hours ago


I’m responding to the Kani Wani updates. I hadn’t used it for a few weeks and I was overwhelmed.


Wow, I haven’t used it for at least a year.

It looks AMAZING :exploding_head:

Thanks for sharing!


I’m gonna second @magiconic here and say… qué?


Is this entire thread just some really weird daydream I’m having or am I just incredibly lost. What did @charles113 mean? Why did @Keril like his comment? Does keril understand what the comment’s about? Does charles think I made KW? Did I actually just sleep 11 hours based on the forum’s timestamp? All these questions and more answered on the next post of This Thread!


@magiconic @Radish8


I guess so, yes.


Wether I understand the comment or not is irrelevant. I like @charles113 post also because his avatar is awesome and I like the biography he is drawing in an other post.


My first fan! Fear not, between us, I am a bigger fan of yours than you are of mine! Yes.



B b but I have no special skill like your drawings


Well… fair enough. I take that back. I guess I’m pretty good, huh? Must be.


Are you part of the wanikani manga creation ?


This thread is something else. Thanks for the heads up though, I’ll have to check it out again.


Gods no! I can only draw in MS Paint and only when I’m half drunk, and I’m never half drunk (always fully sober).


I feel so confused.