Hokkaido Missile Manga

I saw a story about a manga that came out in Hokkaido that tells the residents what to do in case of a missile attack. I can only find small thumbnails for it, does anyone know where to get a readable copy?

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I think this is it. I just searched that title (γƒŸγ‚΅γ‚€γƒ«γŒι£›γ‚“γ§γγŸγ¨γγ«γ―) in Google.



That’s it - I saw an article about this today too. Good find!

I’m just getting started with Japanese - what are the characters with a dark background on the first panel, bottom half, top right (a girl waking up in alarm) - same characters on the bottom left; are they just really heavy-type katakana, or something else?

Yeah it’s still just katakana. Represents the sound of an alarm notification on the phone.

Thats it, thanks!

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