Hitting the wall

hm … yeah.

There’s a run from 2016 until level 10 that’s not captured in this data
Also, what is it with me not learning japanese ins spring? :thinking: 2019 was just a bad year b/c of life issues.

What makes my current run different is:

  • Keeping a streak going at all costs. Sometimes I really did just one item a day, saving the rest for the next day.
  • Switching to a longer time spent on a level once the burn reviews hit. That coincided this time with me catching up to my previous level before the reset.
  • Since then employing the lesson lock script to keep me from burying myself in reviews (it’s kind of like a fancier way of keeping apprentice items below hundred)
  • Spending waaaay more time on Kanji lessons to really memorize them. I even draw/write them.
  • Keeping a streak on BunPro as well for grammar. That makes such a big difference. I can read stuff now! :open_mouth: