Hitting the Master Wall

Does this happen to anyone else? You breeze through the Guru level just fine, but when Master or higher comes up, you fail and get bumped back down to Apprentice?

I would love some insight or advice on how to be more efficient and stop wasting time reviewing things multiple times at the Apprentice/Guru level.


hmm for me it’s the enlightened wall, but I usually just let SRS do it’s thing and keep reviewing.

For the really bad ones, I try to go back and re-visit the mnemonics - or revising them if I feel that the WK mnemonic isn’t working for me.


I personally don’t worry about about getting things wrong - i think that’s the point of the SRS - to catch the things you didn’t fully learn, and try to reinforce the memory.

i’m currently getting items up to burn, and i get a few wrong - but that’s fine, it just means i need to learn them better. :smile:

There are many ways to be more efficient - not doing too many lessons at once - reinforcing what you’ve learned with outside study - listening to the words as you learn - saying them out loud - try to squash those leeches … i’m sure others will have plenty more tips that I’ve neglected to mention.

congrats on level 10 by the way !



Haha, yes, look at this:

Pretty sure this is why my Guru and Enlightened are nearly 300 items higher than my Master.


@rmizuno that’s a good point. I should probably just stop worrying about it! I used to be level 19 but then I had to pause because life and so now I can’t help but feel “behind” because I’m comparing myself to my former glory, hahaha.

@Ddjross those are some helpful tips, thanks! I probably am guilty of doing too many lessons at once and not really taking time to visualize the mnemonics. Again, in a hurry to get back to where I once was so I can go on and learn some new things, but obviously this strategy isn’t working!

@Caracal hahahaha ok well glad it’s not just me then!

This is off-topic, but @KinakoHime, what manga is the character in your avatar from, if you don’t mind me asking? The art style reminds me of Arina Tanemura’s, the author of フルムーンをさがして/Full Moon wo Sagashite, a manga I loved and obsessed over for a long time when I was younger.

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@fiertia Not at all! It’s Sakura-hime from Legend of Princess Sakura, also by Arina Tanemura. I’m pretty obsessed with her, as you can see:


Oh, ok, thank you. :purple_heart: That’s an impressive collection of her works!! I never got around to The Legend of Princess Sakura, but I see you have The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross, which I also really enjoyed. This makes me want to check out her work again sometime soon!

I really liked Princess Sakura. It was a cool mix of Heian era Japan and Kaitou Jeanne, but I think it was shafted by the closing of Ribon. I think Tanemura envisioned it going on way longer but suddenly had to wrap things up because the magazine was shuttering. But even so, the story felt satisfying and there were some great twists. Whole heartedly recommend.

But I’m not super impressed with Idol Dreams, which feels more like Full Moon 2.0: This Time More Vanilla. Same idea, less development. And from what I’ve heard about the Cat and My Friday (Watashi to Neko no Kinyobi) it’s a little kinky. So I don’t know, Princess Sakura might be the last prime Tanemura title.

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